Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nets vs Miami: Long Way to Go

Reggie Evans on Miami winning the championship:
"It doesn't prove anything, it was a lockout season"
LeBron James and the Heat would dominate the Nets again adding on to their 12 game winning streak over the Nets and that might have been fueled by those comments.

The Miami Heat came out with high a serge of energy . There defense was pretty good, forcing the Nets to 7 turnovers in the first half. Brook Lopez was the focal point early, but the Heat are great at playing the passing lanes and fronting the post so Lopez did not have it easy. Miami made 7 out of 10 three-pointers in the half, shooting 46 percent from the field overall. That would push the lead up to twelve after the first quarter and take the momentum early but the Nets fought back in the second quarter. Andray Blatche sparked a 12 to 3 run and the starters would come back and pick up the intensity. Deron Williams and Lopez manged to go back and forth with the Heat and they would end up tied at the half. Lopez led the Nets with 13 and Dwyane Wade led the Heat with 11.

Both teams would trade baskets early but the Heat would go on a 18 to 2 run. As usual the Nets would handle the ball carelessly against a great defense and they avoided Lopez in the post. They forced 6 turnovers at that point and would end up with 8 after the third quarter. The Heat outscored the Nets 36 to 14 led behind LeBron James who had 10 in that quarter alone. The fun highlighted first half did not pass into the second and the Heat dominated the rest of the game and the Nets would loose their third consecutive game against them this season. LeBron would finish with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assist on 10 of 18 shooting. Lopez led the Nets with 21 but only had 13 shots. His backcourt didn't help him at all, making 8 out of 24 shots combined.

The Nets have to solve their turnover problem and defensive schemes. It is inexcusable to have these many with a high caliber point guard,added with multiple skilled players. Until these problems are fixed, the Nets will be an average playoff team at best.

Box Score -

Final Score: 105-85 Miami
Most Dissapointing Stat of the Game: 19 turnovers for the Nets
Promising Stat of the Game: Lebron had zero shots in the second quarter.
Scary Moment of the Game: Lebron scored 10 points in the third quarter.
Best Moment of the Game: Joe Johnson crossover on Chris Bosh.

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