Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tyshawn Taylor and the NBA Business

The NBA has always been perceived as a business. Players are deemed as assets, pieces to help build a franchise. In times of trades, players tend to understand that's what they are, just assets. As a rookie, Tyshawn Taylor is also learning this, which The Fan Hub reports on.

After playing with stability during his college and high school years, Taylor has already played under two head coaches and was traded on draft day.
"It's a little different. You get used to somebody and what they want, and then one day you come in and they're not there. It's just more of a reality of how much of business the NBA really is," said Taylor.
Taylor's development has stayed consistent throughout the season even if other aspects of the team haven't.
"No things have changed. It's still the same message. When I get my time play hard, be a professional, and just stick with the process. Whatever they [the Nets] ask of me or demand of me, I try my best to do it."
Taylor hasn't gotten much playing time, but has shown bursts of potential in his little time on the court. Being the third-string PG, he has time to develop. But that isn't stopping Taylor for giving it all.
"I'm in the gym constantly. I'm not traveling with the team now right now so it's giving me a chance to get stronger and really work on my game. So yeah, I'm happy where I'm at, but still got a long way to go."
Several scouts have seen him to have potential to be a solid player. He's shown his athleticism and speed in his college days but the NBA takes that to a whole new level. When asked about how it was like to be a professional athlete in the NBA, he responded with:
"Just the whole lifestyle," he said. "The schedule, in college you played two maybe three games a week now you can play four games in five nights. I knew guys were going to be super athletic and good basketball players, but it's like learning an entire new lifestyle for me."
Being just a rookie, Taylor has ways to go before reaching his full potential. The Nets have several veterans in Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Jerry Stackhouse and even in a sense Brook Lopez who can help him adapt to the new lifestyle. Each has had a difference experience in the NBA and can give him advice to help him improve.

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