Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brook Lopez: "I don’t need another chip on my shoulder"

Brook Lopez failing to be selected as an All-Star reserve by the coaches definitely did not sit right with the  basketball world. Lopez was trending on Twitter immediately after the players were selected. Players of the Nets were baffled and so was Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King. Coach Carlesimo weighed in on the fiasco before Friday night's game against the Grizzlies.

“I think you can very easily and intellectually make a case for all three of our guys (Lopez, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson) having been on the team and couple it with the fact that we’re up high in the Eastern Conference, it’s just disappointing. It’s just disappointing the coaches didn’t see it that way,” Carlesimo said, adding, “they must feel our chemistry is unbelievable because we’re winning these games with such limited talent here.”
“I want to believe they didn’t throw away votes to help their own guys.
The Notion of Coaches voting against the Nets players was believable, especially after TNT analyst Charles Barkley stated:
“Those coaches were mad that Deron Williams got the coach fired, so they were hating on the Nets,”
Many people do believe that Williams was the culprit behind the Avery Johnson fired, but truthfully nobody knows. This is a players league and it seemed that the Nets did not respond to Coach Johnson anymore so the organization had to make a move. Was it a panic move? Maybe. But the Nets are playing much better now and look to move on.

Although disappointed, Brook Lopez wants to move on and focus on the regular season. Asked if it could add a chip on his shoulder, Lopez said:
"It could conceivably, I guess, but I don’t need another chip on my shoulder. We’re playing great right now. We’re having a lot of fun. We’re playing together.”
As long as the Nets keep winning, none of this really matters. Sure Lopez deserved it but everybody knows that the all- star game is more of a popularity contest added with the fact that its more of a game dominated by guards. Hopefully, there will be a reconstruction on how players are chosen. This game is supposed to be for the most deserving but there is politics in everything. But hey, its been a LONG time since the Nets had multiple players even considered to play and the Nets are third place in the Eastern Conference. This will blow over.

PJ Carlesimo goes off about All-Star snubsNY Daily News

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