Friday, February 22, 2013

Can Deron Williams Finish the Season?

Earlier this year we asked you guys if it was time to rest Deron Williams. During that time he had numerous injuries that reflected bad play and less confidence on the basketball court. Last game, he posted 23 points and 9 assist which are good signs of things to come, even though it was reported that Williams would get cortisone shots in his ankles Thursday. I am no doctor but this sounds like he may have to keep doing this over the season and it could possibly get worse. He even stated himself that he can't dunk even though he looked good against the Bucks.You have to give Deron Williams credit for playing through all the pain he's endured this season compiled with all of the drama. Here is what P.J. Carlesimo said about the situation.
"The reality of it is he’s not going to be 100 percent this year, and I think that’s the thing that a lot of people are having difficulty grasping,” the Nets’ interim coach said in an interview on ESPN 98.7 FM. “He’s playing dinged up. His ankles are not good at all, and that wrist has been a problem for him all year.

He’s a warrior," He comes and he plays and when everybody game-plans for us, that’s the guy you have to talk about right off the bat. You have to talk about playing him and Joe Johnson."
"It’s hard for me to overstate how much he brings to the table even though … people are fond of saying, ‘look at his numbers compared to this and compared to that’ … it would be scary to think of playing a game without Deron Williams."
The Nets are battling the New York Knicks for home-court advantage and the Atlantic Division. Since Williams is not 100% healthy, it is highly important that they take care of business for the remainder of the season before the post-season. Last game P.J Carlesimo played C.J. Watson and his bench until two minutes into the fourth. It will be interesting to see how Carlesimo plays Deron but it would be nice if the bench can be more consistent like they were in the previous game.

Update: Deron Williams told reporters Friday that he will probably receive another cortisone before the playoffs. The purpose of all this was to ease inflammation in his left ankle which was caused by a bone spur. Williams believes it is more than the bone spur though.
"The problem was I haven't had a break in a long time. I was doing plyometrics, box jumps this summer for the first time. I lifted heavier than I've ever lifted, and so I think all the wear and tear is what's caused the inflammation and I haven't had a break to get it out. It's just gotten worse and worse. It didn't feel as bad because I wasn't playing back-to-backs and four in five nights, then we got to the season it just kept getting worse and worse because you have less and less rest."
When inquired about whether or not he needs surgery during the off-season, Deron replied with "Hopefully not."

I think he should get the surgery. He is locked in for at least four more chances at the title. Health comes first and taking numerous shots in your body is not the way to go.

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