Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gerald Wallace Fighting Through Slump

The Nets possess true honesty when it comes to talking to reporters. You have to respect that because the media cycle can come back and bite you like it did Deron Williams earlier in the season. Nets fans, analyst, and whoever all question P.J. Carlesimo's rotations regarding the Nets starters. Brook Lopez was the main victim but his play against those centers versus Andray Blatche's play, solidified the decision for the moment.  It is all about match-ups and sometimes you have to shake it up. Another player who has missed some time due to performance was Gerald Wallace. He was interviewed after Tuesday night's game about his play.
“What can you say? I was playing like (expletive). I didn’t deserve to play in the fourth quarter,” Wallace said. “The main thing is just rebounding and playing defense. The main thing I’ve been focusing on with my offense struggling is trying to play good defense. They’re putting me on some of the other guys, some of the tougher guys that are on hot streaks or whatever. And my main thing is I just have to go out there and control them and not let them have a big night.”
Wallace sacrifices his body almost every game. He has been injured and his confidence has disappeared.  You can see because teams dare him to shoot and he will either pass up an open shot or drive into a waiting defense.
“My offense is more mental than it is physical,” Wallace said. “You’re not able to do the things you can do or you expect to do. It’s jumping and explosiveness and quickness and things aren’t going the way you’re used to them going, and it turns it into being more mental than the physical aspects that are affecting you.” 
“It is what it is,” Wallace said. “I just have to keep playing. I try not to affect me as far as playing. I can’t complain. The games keep coming. They’re not going to wait for you to make excuses. I just have to keep trying, keep putting in work and doing what I can do. Some nights it’s rough. You want to be out there helping your teammates but you’re struggling.

"But you just have to stay positive, hopefully work yourself out of this slump.”
Gerald Wallace will have a number of opportunities to get back on track. Carlesimo is still looking for answers and Wallace provide the best on ball defense on the team. This team just needs to get healthy enough so when the post season comes around, they can at least make some noise. As long as Deron Williams keeps up his play since the break, the Nets will have a chance to redeem themselves on the national spotlight.

Read More - NY Daily

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