Saturday, February 16, 2013

Respect For Lopez

Brook Lopez almost missed the All-Star game this season. The removal of the center position was a key factor but Lopez has proven himself. He has a player efficiency of 25.42, behind only three MVP candidates.With the unfortunate injury to Rajon Rondo, NBA commissioner David Stern replaced Rondo with the Nets center. Eight players that play the same position and a coach told us why he belongs in this year's game.

Joakim Noah:
"I think he’s somebody that’s dealt with a lot as a player, dealing with inuuries, all the issues they had with the Nets. I think going to Brooklyn was a new beginning. I think he’s enjoying every minute of it. I can just tell he looks happy on the court. He’s probably the best with his back to the basket – he’s probably the best post player we have in the NBA. He’s a helluva player."
Kevin Garnett:
"Just being able to play through the duration of the year, I think Brook’s coming into his own. Looks to have a sense of high confidence in himself this year, and I don’t know if that’s from getting healthy or whatever. It seems like he’s embraced his role. He and Deron are a good 1-2 punch, and when you add in Joe Johnson, and the emerging nature of what Brooklyn’s doing, he’ll fit right into the pieces and become one of the emerging if not dominant big men in the league."
"Brook has been playing great: his offensive game, his big body, the way he can control himself. He can handle the ball in the paint, and his touch – he can shoot the 15-footer and he’s just a big presence on the court and he’s got many more All-Star teams to play in."
Tim Duncan:
"Honestly, I haven’t played Brook a whole lot (seven times) but he's a very skilled big. Was able to see him play a week or so ago, and it was great to see his development and how he’s become the go-to guy. Great skill package and he’s going to be good for a lot of years."
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