Friday, February 1, 2013

Wallace Tired of Typical Nets Basketball

The Nets are a winning team now and they have had more success this season than any since the Jason Kidd era. When All eyes are on Brooklyn , this team seems to not play to it's full potential. They are undefeated against teams with losing records at 17 and 0 .When it comes to teams with winning records, the Nets are 10 and 19. If Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez played  at their best each night like they did in Oklahoma City. The Nets would at least be much better against the elite teams, granting them a significant amount of respect.

The elite teams have something that the Nets don't as of yet and that's a stong leader . When you look at the Nets, who is it ? As talented and honest Williams is, he has a nonchalant attitude at times when the Nets need him unlike a Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo. Lopez is finally an all-star  but he has to earn it and Joe Johnson seems to be laid back all the time. Gerald Wallace is by far the most vocal and aggressive but like his teammates, his play has been inconsistent despite his excellent effort on a nightly basis. But Wallace continues to call his teammates out when they play horrendous.

After losing to Miami for a third straight time, Wallace had this to say on the playing against the elite teams:
"Those are games that we didn't actually lose ... we got our asses kicked in all three of those games,"

"Those teams pretty much dominated us. Memphis dominated us. Houston dominated us. And Miami in the second half dominated us tonight. We're saying we want to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and we want to compete for the playoffs and shoot for a championship, but we're having letdowns against some of the top teams in the league and we can't do that and be a successful team."
On third quarter struggles:
"Typical Nets basketball," Wallace said of the third. "We don't play together. Careless turnovers. We don't execute offensively. And defensively, we don't do anything. We don't defend. We don't guard the ball. We don't help each other out. It's the same story as it's been all season."
I applaud Wallace getting after his teammates consistent disappointing play against the great teams in the NBA but I just hope he tells them directly. The team needs a spark and he can be the perfect person just because of his all out effort. The number one person Gerald needs to be talking to is Deron Williams. Deron likes to play passive at times and that limits his ability to be a combo point guard. It's about time Deron Williams and the Nets start beating these teams and Gerald Wallace may be the only player to energize this squad. Only time will tell, but with Derrick Rose coming back and Andrew Bynum possibly returning, time is running out on the Nets of becoming the second best team in the East and a championship contender.
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