Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bosnia in Brooklyn

During Monday Night's game against the Detroit Pistons, a large group of fans were heard cheering and chanting  Mirza Teletovic. Apparently there is a strong fan base between Bosnia and the Nets, dating all the way back to former player Zoran Planinic. Teletovic is the fourth to play for the Nets next to Mille Illic and Bojan Bogdanovic (hasn't played yet).

After the game, Teletovic spoke with the fans and they were more than excited to speak with the "King of Bosnia in the last three previous seasons. Against Detroit, he only scored 9 points and grabbed 6 rebounds but that still does hinder them from showing love. After all, the connection with Basketball is getting deep and the country has suffered from a war so the NBA is sort of a bright spot. Here is how Chris Mathieu from Eurobasket describes this.
When one thinks of the Brooklyn Nets they wouldn't think of Bosnia. They should however, since this small country located on the Balkan peninsula of Europe has been a pipeline of talent to the NBA team. This small Bosnian town, population estimates it to be 105,000 total (there hasnt been a census since 1991 because of the war). It is hard to imagine that such a small remote town in a tiny country in Europe could produce three NBA players for the team, yet they have."
Mirza Teletovic will be able to shine some light on Bosnia if he consistently hits his three pointers. He is in the rotation so it is up to Teletovic to take advantage.

Sources - Eurobasket

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