Saturday, March 16, 2013

Deron Williams' Ankles Made Walking Difficult

Early in the season when Deron Williams struggled to score and defend, people were ready to call him a bust. They said he was overpaid, chubby, slow and he was even called a shooting guard from Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take. Some of Williams statements looked like excuses but the ankle statement definitely was not. Saturday morning, Williams was asked about his ankle and like always did not hold back on his emotions.
Pressure from Max Contract:
"I had a max contract in Utah. That didn't affect me. I [just] couldn't do what I wanted to do," he said.
Ankles and body language:
"Listen man, from walking here (on the bench) to the locker room felt like s---," Williams said following Saturday's practice. "What do you not understand? Like, I could not walk. I could not walk up my stairs without (my ankles) killing me. It would take me 10 minutes to get up my stairs sometimes -- especially in the morning."
 “I was still trying to be positive to everybody,” said Williams, who abruptly broke off his chat with media types when he was asked which set of shots he referred to – he had received three, after all. 
“I heard people say I looked disinterested. I’m not disinterested,” Williams said of his poor play.
Since the break, Deron Williams has been averaging 24 points and 8 assists. The cortisone shots and the juice cleanse looks like it may have been a huge factor into the somewhat recovery from injuries. His speed and leaping ability is back and point guards are having trouble stopping him since his three point percentage is 47%. Deron Williams and his health isn't the question anymore. Right now, the question is the rotation and the offense from his swing man Gerald Wallace. In the mean time, the Nets will have a chance to take the number one spot in the division and move up in the eastern conference.

Source - NY Post and ESPN

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