Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lopez on the Season: '"Its Been Great"

Brook Lopez has had an great season. He finished fifth in the league in player efficiency rating (PER) at 24.81 and made his first All-Star appearance. Lopez also finished 10th in scoring with 19 points a game and has improved his effort on defense.

Lawrence Frank
"Now what he's added is the defensive portion, and that takes time. If you look at what he's done in terms of blocking shots and his rebounding, [it] has been up from what they were last year. And his character is off-the-charts high. Great, great person."
The regular season is over and Lopez will play in his first playoff game Saturday . Of course there are questions regarding his composer and  experience but Lopez is just excited and ready to compete.
"I can't wait," Lopez said Wednesday. "I've been very anxious, waiting for it while playing through these last few games. And now that it's on the horizon, I'm very excited about it."

It's really been an amazing journey," Lopez said. "It's very surreal to think back to the PowerPoint presentations that they'd show us, when management would come in and show us renderings of the Barclays Center and all the little factoids about how big Brooklyn is. To finally be here and now and be on the verge of the playoffs, it's pretty incredible."

Lopez on facing Joakim Noah

He's great," Lopez said. "He elevates the Bulls to another level when he's on the floor, and he does so many things as a center. He really does everything very well." 
Noah will make Lopez work on both ends of the floor. He's a great passer, finisher and even a better defender. Lopez will have to bring the intensity every night and might even have to get more rebounds.

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