Monday, April 8, 2013

Wallace: "I Lost My Confidence"

In the last 21 games Gerald Wallace has struggled on offense shooting 15% from three point range. It has come to a point where Wallace may be wide open but pump fake and drive into a waiting and defense. In the previous match-up versus the Bobcats,Wallace did not take any shots. His offense has gotten worse but this type of play has been going on all season but Wallace still rebounds, plays tough defense, and sometimes make plays. His poor shooting has affected his playing time down the stretch of games and Wallace understands that he needs to play better. His confidence is just gone.
"I’m just at the point now ... I’m in a situation where I feel like if I miss, I’m going to get pulled out of the game, you know what I’m saying? So my whole concept is just that you can’t come out of the game if you’re not missing shots." 
"I think I lost the confidence of the coaching staff and my teammates," So my main thing is those guys can score, so instead of thinking about it so much, just trying to focus on defense, try to move the ball and get those guys shots."
The Playoffs are near and The Nets need Wallace to step it up. The team will not be able to get away with playing C.J. Watson at the end of games when the opposing players are match-up problems.Wallace may be the best on ball defender so he will have to play. He has at least a week to get his shooting touch back.

Source-NY Post

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