Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jason Kidd talks Nets with NetsDaily

In an interview between the Nets' new Head Coach, Jason Kidd, and NetsDaily, Kidd gets into what his plans are when it comes to what he will do with his roster as it stands. He talks about developing his young players, the NBA Draft, Gerald Wallace's role with the team, and the chase for the "gold trophy."

On player development:
ND: Player development was a big issue for the fans, as well as management and ownership, throughout the season. You've played on veteran teams and young teams. What's your philosophy on developing young players?

Kidd: "I think we have a chance to develop everybody, not just the young players. When you talk about the season, its 82 games, a marathon. You need everyone to pitch in and help. I look forward to developing from the veteran guys to the rookies. You're going to see the young guys play a little bit more than they have in the past because you need to develop them. You also have to see who can handle what. So that's the way I'm going to approach it."

ND: Is there an area where you think the development of players already have on the roster can be a big help to the team this year?

Kidd: "You look at the core, they're still young, guys who are still young who've been in the league a little bit. Joe (Johnson) and Deron (Williams) and Gerald (Wallace), these guys they all understand what it takes to win and what it means to work on your game. I'm going to have a head start in the sense that those guys can talk about what they do, how they can help these young players to develop to become better ball players."
One of the problems with Avrey Johnson or P.J. Carlesimo coaching is that they didn't give enough playing time to the younger players, such as MarShon Brooks or Tyshawn Taylor. Both have their strengths and weaknesses like any other player and at their stage, its a lot easier for them to adapt and progress. Hindering their playing time was hindering their progression.

On Gerald Wallace:

ND: At the press conference, in your answers, you seem to be saying Gerald's days are not numbered, as a lot of people thought based on what his stats were this year. Am I correct in thinking there's a lot more there?

Kidd: "Oh yeah! I think there's a lot more that Gerald brings to the table. As an ex-player, seeing him on the floor with the things that he causes on the defense, what he gives the opponents. So I think he has has a lot more to give and my job is to get him to that level that I think he should be."
On the draft:

ND: How do you approach the draft workouts? What are you looking for in a player? Do you get a good read on them from the scouting reports.?

Kidd: "Right now, I'm looking for guys who know how to play. These kids that are coming out ...we've got what, the 22nd pick... you have to understand, I think Billy said it the other day ... you're going to a guy who's been in college for three or four years, that knows how to play."

ND: And that's what you're looking for, someone who can actually help right away?

Kidd: "Yeah, you would like someone who can help right away. You know, this is a team that won 49 ball games. So, you're not putting together a team that won 15 games that's going to develop, that's going to take time. You're looking at trying to win a championship so you want someone who can play."

ND: Anyone impress you in those draft workouts?

Kidd: "The ones that I've seen, no, not yet, no."
We know Billy King as a great track record on finding solid players in the draft. Kidd's talent in doing so is unknown for now, so it will be interesting to see who Kidd likes and who the team actually selects.

You can find the complete interview here.
Source: NetsDaily
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