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NTO's Draft Day Trade Scenarios

Well it's just about that time of year, where aspiring players gather hoping to get drafted into the most prestigious basketball league in the world, it's almost time for the NBA draft. It will be held in the Nets house at the Barclays Center, so expect a lot of support. However, with draft day comes trades, where picks get packaged with players to either move up a couple of spots in the draft or acquire other quality players, or even superstars. The Nets are in a tight spot right now in terms of the salary cap figure and don't have much room for trades. What seems like the Nets only asset right now is Kris Humphries, who's value dropped after having a horrid season, however his value comes with his $12 million expiring contract, and the thought process is that his contract packaged with Marshon Brooks and picks can bring back something useful. Here are some trade proposals...

Three Team Trade: Nets-Bobcats-Rockets

Nets receive: Ben Gordon, Thomas Robinson

In this deal the Nets receive Ben Gordon and Thomas Robinson. Word around the NBA is that the Rockets are looking to unload Thomas Robinson to free up cap space, they're goal is to make a run at Dwight Howard. So why not make a run at the fifth pick of last years draft? Robinson has explosive quickness to go along with his 7'1 wingspan, and his lateral quickness makes him a great solution to the Nets pick and roll woes. The Nets had serious struggles guarding the pick and roll last year due to Brook Lopez's lack of quickness, and didn't have a power forward that was quick or skilled enough to come over on help defense. His length will also help because it adds more rim protection. Last year, none of the Nets power forwards were over 6'9, and didn't have great shot blocking ability. Robinson's frame and strength gives him the ability to gain positioning on the offensive and defensive glass, which can help make up for Lopez's lack of rebounding. Robinson also expressed a desire to play for the Nets before last years draft. The Nets also receive Ben Gordon, a sniper from three point range off the bench. The Nets lacked a consistent three point shooter off the bench, and Gordon fills that role with shooting 40% from downtown in his career. They also dont lose the flexibility of an expiring contract, because Gordon's contract is set to expire at $13 million after next season.

Bobcats receive: Kris Humphries

A swap of Gordon and Humphries was discussed at the trade deadline last year, so maybe the Bobcats are still interested? Gordon had a fallout with the Bobcats, specifically former Bobcats coach Mike Dunlap. Apparently this incident is what spawned the talks in the first place. The Bobcats recently hired a new coach, however Ben Gordon never really seemed happy in Charlotte and his play reflects that. Both his field goal percentage and his 3-point percentage dropped below his career average last season, maybe a trade to a winning team will wake him up? The Bobcats also get back and almost equal expiring contract in Humphries, and Humphries has shown that he can produce when given the minutes and the touches. It seems that both of these players have run their course on their respective teams and a change of scenery may do them wonders.

Rockets receive: 22nd Pick(2013)

The Rockets don't really get much in this trade, and they aren't asking for much either. The Rockets have to receive almost no salary back in the trade in order to get the desired cap space. In this trade, they get none, while also getting a pick that can turn into a productive player, they can also use it as trade asset in a sign and trade. Robinson may have loads of potential but he apparently has no place on the Rockets, and the Nets should take advantage of the Rockets having other priorities, because Robinson can turn into an absolute steal.

Four Team Trade: Nets-Bobcats-Rockets-Mavericks

Nets receive: Vince Carter, Tyrus Thomas
In the trade the Nets are once again parting with, Humphries, and he is once again going to Charlotte. However this time, the Nets are getting 26 year old Tyrus Thomas back. Tyrus Thomas is regarded as an athletic specimen who never really found his place in the NBA. Thomas possesses and explosive leaping ability and an ability to run the floor, which can help the Nets achieve their goal of pushing it up the floor. The Nets played one of the slowest paces in the league last year and Thomas' ability to run the floor can help create fast break opportunities. He is very raw offensively, he doesn't bring much of a post up game and has an inconsistent jumper. He is quicker than most power forwards and can drive around them, however defenders usually sag off him, taking that option away. He shows the ability to finish around the rim, which is all the Nets need him to do next to Lopez, and Deron Williams will surely provide him with easy scoring opportunities on the break. Perhaps the most important thing he brings is defense. He's undersized for his position, standing at just 6'8 and weighing only 217 pounds, however his 7'3 wingspan gives him the ability to block shots. His defensive potential is through the roof and shows the ability to be a good rim protector. His athleticism and lateral quickness allows him to easily make switches and come over on help defense, and would surely help the Nets pick and roll defense. The Nets need to put an athletic forward next to Lopez in order to make up for his lack of quickness on Defense, and Thomas fits that role. The Nets of course sacrifice an expiring contract for what people regard as an overpaid player on a long contract. Thomas is due close to $18 million over the next two years, however the Nets are over the cap anyway, and letting Humphries contract expire would bring them nothing. Maybe a change of scenery and putting him in a situation where he fits will help him live up to that contract. The Nets also receive Vince Carter in the deal. Carter is a fan favorite and a Nets legend. He is a seasoned, veteran scorer that the Nets need off the bench. Granted, Carter isnt what he once was, but he automatically becomes the best wing scorer off the bench and can get buckets in a time when the Nets need it. His scoring in the clutch needs no explanation to Nets fans, because his game winners are still ingrained in the minds of fans

Bobcats receive: Kris Humphries
The Bobcats once again get Humphries expiring contract in a trade, and it makes all of the sense in the world. The Bobcats have zero use for Tyrus Thomas, he has underachieved in Charlotte, and he has a big contract that lasts a year more than Humphries'. Thomas' services are of no use to the Bobcats because lets face it, they aren't even going to be a competitive team for a while. His contract is just wreaking havoc on Charlotte's cap situation and they aren't getting much value back on their investment. In the deal, Jordan's Cats receive a big expiring and get to wipe their books of Thomas' salary forever. 
Rockets receive: 22nd Pick(2013)

The Rockets do this trade for the same reason as stated in the last trade, to clear cap space for a superstar. They also receive the pick as an asset and can get a quality player with it.

Mavericks receive: Thomas Robinson, Marshon Brooks

The Mavericks come away from this deal with a brighter future. Dirk Nowitzki isn't getting any younger, and it doesn't look like the Mavs are going to be title contenders any time soon, so maybe its time that they rebuild for the first time in a decade. In the deal, Dallas receives Robinson, who as I stated above, is a terrific athlete and holds potential on both offense and defense. He can learn a ton under one of the greatest power forwards in Dirk Nowitzki and can also serve as his replacement. They also get Marshon Brooks who is also young and has shown the ability to put the ball in the basket in spurts. Brooks has shown a unique scoring ability which had gotten buried on the Nets bench last season. Brooks isn't a particularly smart player and makes his fair share of mistakes on defense, but just like Robinson, has a high ceiling. A rebuilding Mavericks team where they can get playing time under one of the best coaches in the league in Rick Carlisle, will almost certainly help them make strides in their development, and give the Mavericks two solid players for the future. Dallas gets value back that makes sense for an aging Carter who's scoring talents would certainly serve a better purpose on a contender.


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