Friday, June 7, 2013

Who will Coach the Nets? (Part 2)

Many teams have been in the off-season for a while now and the Nets are in that group. They along with other teams have been looking for an Head Coach while the the bank continues to grow. Lionel Hollins and the Memphis Grizzlies are Enigmatic, George Karl was shockingly fired? and Brian Shaw may possibly be stuck between two teams.

Brian Shaw has a silent pedigree that current coaches wished they possessed. He has three championship rings as a player and two as an assistant with Phil Jackson. It's actually weird to see Shaw still working as an assistant in the NBA compared to others who have no coaching experience. Shaquille O'Neal praises Shaw and calls him a "players coach" which will be excellent for the Nets players. It may be a blessing in disguise but the Nets have to act fast since they have been one of the first teams with permission.

According to multiple sources, Shaw has no scheduled interviews but he is not just the top candidate for the Brooklyn Nets. The Los Angeles Clippers are also putting him at the top of the list and Detroit News is reporting that Shaw is holding out for Chris Paul. The positive in that threat is that Chris Paul is not on good terms with the owner of the Clippers, which may steer Shaw to Brooklyn if this is all true. Billy King is also looking to interview Shaw and it may be soon. Shaw and the triangle offense can be a good thing for this team but the Nets will have to act fast. Shaw is wanted and his presumed offensive style is very complex.

On the other hand, George Karl is a proven winner just without any jewels. He always brings the best out of his underprivileged teams. With Brooklyn, he might have the best team he has ever had on paper. The Nets not to even to consider Karl is far from logical. Maybe the Nets like young coaches which is reasonable but it still would make sense to give Karl a call especially if Shaw decides elsewhere.

Lionel Hollins is another successful coach but has some issues with the current team he is under contract with. He is not seen as an offensive coach and does not like to use statistics or analytics which is not good as an NBA coach. But he is an leader and figured out  how to get the Grizzlies to the Western Conference Finals without Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo. The Nets struggle guarding the pick and roll and maybe Hollins can fix that. They have recently gotten permission to speak with him but he has probably been pushed down  the list after Shaw.

The next couple of weeks will be big for the Nets. Coaches are in high demand and this is priority number one for them. The Nets put all the pressure on Shaw and it seems like the job is his for the taking. King has been doing serious research on Shaw and it has been reported that they like him since he's the closest to Phil Jackson in the market. But if the Nets fail to get Shaw or Hollins, they have a full list of coaches who are willing to take the job.

Source - NY Daily

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