Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kidd: No more Isolation Basketball

The Nets were the fourth best team in isolation plays last season but struggled with productive offensive sets. The problem wasn't illuminated until the Nets faced the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs. When they lost, critics questioned their heart and will to win but their was little talk about their inept offense. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez were always forced to make something happen without ease. Many things factored into this but offense should come easy without having to pound the ball . There were times when Lopez would get the ball near the three point line and have to take difficult jump shots to avoid violations. Luckily, Jason Kidd noticed this problem and wants no part of that.

"You look at the league as a whole -- we’ll use the two teams [in the Finals] Miami and San Antonio -- they are teams that kind of stayed away from iso and moved the ball around and there was multiple touches," . "That's what we are trying to get to, being able to move the ball. Sacrifice is something I might say a lot. Something you’ll [also] hear me say a lot, is making a play for a teammate.
"Don’t be afraid to let go of the ball because a lot of times, when you do let go of the ball, the ball will find you. And so, that’s something that we are going to get away from because against the great defenses in this league, you won’t be able to win a seven-game series."
Kidd also noticed the teams defensive problems.

"We are going to try to not iso," . "We are going to get more team-oriented on the offensive and defensive end. I think that was one of the things that stood out. It was more individual defense, and when you look at the teams that have won championships, they’ve all talked about team defense, helping one another.
"I think our team is built in that way, where we can play well together on the offensive end and on the defensive end."

Kidd makes great points because their main problem was the stagnant offense and non existent team defense. Numbers aside, there was no reason why Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli scored the way they did in that series. They both have proven to be capable scores but they are not superstars. Team Defense will be the key and Lopez will be the center of attention. Teams loved to attack him on the pick and roll and Lopez struggles guarding it. But with key additions in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, the defensive and offensive schemes should be much better.

Source- Newsday

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