Thursday, July 11, 2013

Livingston: "Nets Are Very Attractive"

Photo by Mark Runyon

Shaun Livingston may be a steal as far as backup point guards. He is an pass first point guard with the height of a small forward! With the Brooklyn Nets, scoring will not needed as much especially with the versatility on the team. Livingston knew this would be his best opportunity to contribute as a solid role player and win at the same time.
"It really wasn't a hard sell. It was more just how they wanted to play, and where they saw me fitting me into the team, fitting into the system, my role on the team. Like I said earlier, it's a very attractive situation, being able to play with future Hall of Famers, a Hall of Fame player, coach now, it's a great opportunity for me to continue to learn and expand my journey."
Livingston also talked about how he had to change his game after the devastating injury.

"I'll never get back to where I was, the athletic ability will never really be there," Livingston said. "The knee has gotten stronger each year, so that's a good thing. It's probably as close to 100 percent as it'll be."
Players that have major injuries and then come back to play consecutive years healthy are truly amazing. It is a testament to how smart of a player he is and how hard of a worker he continues to be. His situation reminds me of how Chris Paul had to change his game from being the fastbreak slicer to the control the place playmaker he is today. Livingston is no Chris Paul but they have some similarities of how players change. In this case, Livingstons injury was much more serious.
That doesn't matter now because Livingston is a playmaker and will be used to do just that. Billy King and Jason Kidd probably discussed the scenarios and how Livingston can  play with Deron Williams.
"I think we're gonna have a lot of versatility, but we're going to be more of an execution team with our experience,"
Livingston is clearly aware about the high expectations and what there expected to do but he knows that they have to perform. With Jason Kidd coaching the team, it would be logical to think that Livingston will be used in the right situations along with the other players. There is too much talent on the roster but hopefully everyone in the locker room will sacrifice .
Source- ESPN

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