Monday, July 8, 2013

NBA Legend Believes in Pierce and Garnett

I cringed when I first heard about the Nets trading for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They're hall of famers and still can play but it is definitely not a learn term decision. With this lineup, the Nets have about two years to win a championship. Garnett and Pierce are both past their primes added with a rookie coach guiding them and they gave up numerous first round picks.


On the positive side, the Nets have an all-star starting five. Pierce and Garnett might not be the same players they once were but there is no need  to with Brook Lopez,Joe Johnson, and Deron Williams. They still can perform at an average level and Larry Bird agrees.

They’ve both been pretty healthy throughout their years. But yeah, I think they’ll have plenty left with the way they’ve been coached and the bench that they have. Yeah, they’ll pick their spots, but when the time comes they’ll be there.”

Larry also talked about the progression of the Eastern Conference and where the Nets stand.

"We know Chicago is going to be better," he said. “Obviously Brooklyn should be a lot better. Brooklyn beat us every time last year (Nets were 3-0). So they’re only going to get stronger.”

I can see success this year with Pierce and Garnett. Like Bird stated in the article, no one beats father time so Jason Kidd and his staff will monitor their minutes. Mason Plumee looks like a good pick so far from summer league and will be Garnetts backup. As for Pierce, the Nets are still searching since the Bogdanovic deal is not a definite. There is more than enough time though and it's important for the Nets to just help Kidd and Plumee right now.

Sources -NY PostNY Daily

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