Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brook Lopez: "I Feel Great"

Not too long ago, Brook Lopez had to get surgery on his right foot due to an bent screw from an previous surgery. Last season, Lopez helped the Nets into the postseason and seems to be in high spirits about his health and the upcoming season. Three surgeries on the same foot is beyond dreadful for a seven footer. But Lopez knows this and wants to stay positive.
“I think I was more disappointed than anything, I wasn’t concerned. I was disappointed, but it was best to do it when we did it, in the week after the season, to give myself the most time to get back in shape and to get ready for the season.”
Lopez was in a walking boot but has now been able to move without it.
“I feel great,” Lopez said. “I have been getting in some weight lifting, getting shots up and everything is going well.“I’m not fully working out. I’m not jumping or running or anything like that, but we have a good month-and-a-half just until training camp starts, so we’ll definitely be all right by then.”
Meanwhile Lopez has been in Africa organized by the Clinton Foundation for charity. He has been to Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda helping childeren. He alsotalked about the experience and what it meant to him.
“When we were in Zambia, we were outfitting kids with hearing aids, or just people in general with hearing aids, and just seeing when the hearing aids finally worked for them, and their eyes lit up when they could hear for the first time, it was really incredible to see.

“I can’t put it into words ... you had to be there to see it for yourself. The thrill of seeing that happen never lessened. It was really cool to see kids five minutes after they got the hearing aids in their ears running around the area, and running around the hotel grounds making noise and listening to themselves speak.”
Lopez describes the upcoming season as a ideal situation.
I’m so excited for the season to start. It’s really been unreal, and I’ve honestly found myself dreaming about working out in training camp and playing in games and everything. It’s really an ideal situation.”
Brook may be doing doing great things in the world but the Nets need those great things on the court. He was an All-Star but this year he will need to bring more attitude and footwork to help the teams defense. Hopefully, Kevin Garnett along with the new additions will help him become that dominant center which can put the Nets at the top.
Source- NYP

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