Friday, August 30, 2013

Dime Magazine: "Reggie Evans Sixth Strongest Player"

Reggie Evans won't have to work as hard as last year with the new additions of Kevin Garnett , Mason Plumlee and Andrei Kirilenko. Three players who will most likely see more playing time due to their scoring abilities. Evans improved his offensive mindset mid season when certain players wanted him on the bench but his mindset will not transcend into skill.

At this point he is what he is, a tough player who will hustle and grab any rebound you ask of him. He is a role player and was asked to do too much last season when forced to score. But, he will still be a game changer once in awhile pending on Kidd's rotations .

Dime Magazine put out a list of the top 15 strongest players in the League. Reggie Evans was ranked the sixth toughest, and here's their reasoning why.
He screens hard, he rebounds hard and he is as tough as they come in the NBA. His size at 6-8 and 240 pounds can be imposing to opposing players for the manner in which he uses his body. Players comment on his “dirty play” but they can’t discount his ability to set hard screens and compete with anyone for a rebound. Seriously, think about it: this dude is only in the NBA because of his physicality and toughness.

Dime magazine hits it right on the spot. The players in front of him are Roy Hibbert, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and LeBron James. Chris Paul making the list is kinda suspect but he is an strong guard. I would place Deron Williams and other point guards ahead but it's  all subjective .

Here is the full list.- DimeMag

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