Friday, October 11, 2013

Communication is key for Kidd's Nets

Behind the scenes, the Brooklyn Nets are a quite joyful group. Behind each hard game they play, the guys in the locker room have a sense of humor to lighten up the mood.

During Tuesday's preseason game against the Wizards, one of the Nets' biggest offseason acquisition, Kevin Garnett took a humorous jab at his new head coach, Jason Kidd. Garnett believed his coach's suit was a little too 'tight' for him.
"That means I didn't play him enough," Kidd said Thursday, adding: "I think also he understands fashion. So I guess he felt my suit was a little too tight. Then the good thing is that his vision is good."
 Throughout the course of a long season, it's always good to have players who can lighten the mood up and still perform at a high level during games.

That being said, the biggest concept that Kidd takes out of all of this is communication.
"It all starts with communicating," Kidd said. "I think the guys, you can see, are communicating on the floor. And off the floor, this is a family situation in the sense of cheering for one another."
"When you are on the floor, there's no better feeling than when your teammates are into the game on the bench and are cheering for you, and vice versa. When you come out of the game, you are cheering for those guys that are on the floor." 
"So yeah, I think as a whole, we're happy. But we still have a long way to go because this is a new group. But we are going in the right direction."
 One thing that Kidd wants to implement on his team is communication. He wants his players to be verbal at all times on the court. Another player that commented on the new culture on the team was newly acquired, Andrei Kirilenko who had an outstanding Nets debut.
"At least we are having a great atmosphere. At least we are going to fight. At least we are going to have the chance. We are going to give ourselves the chance."
All in all, the Nets know they have a lot of critics riding on them, and know that the ultimate goal is to win an NBA Championship. However, it's good to see that the players are bonding off the court and the results are paying off on the court as their chemistry looked good on Tuesday.

Newsday - Communication Fits Just Right with Jason Kidd

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