Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kevin Garnett as a teammate

When the Brooklyn Nets traded for Kevin Garnett on draft night, they knew they were getting one of the greatest leaders in the game, on and off the basketball court.

Alan Anderson, the Nets' final addition to the 15 man roster, tells the YES Network about how Garnett treats everyone on the team:
"Everything you see on the court, it's like... family," Anderson tells YES. "He's big on his family. Taking care of his brothers, taking care of his family.
With a rough start to the season now beginning to turn around, it's good to see that Garnett is helping to keep the team together, and no matter what keeping the mentality set at the team being one big family.
"This is the first time we've been on the same team together, but it's almost like I feel like I was already on his team," Anderson says.  
This says tons about Garnett as a teammate. He's been quoted in the past saying he's not on the court to make friends with the opponents. For guys that have never played with Kevin Garnett, much like Anderson, they were always the enemy. Now they see what it's like being on his side, and they see that he treats his teammates like they are his family.

Garnett is off to a slow start shooting the ball, as he's averaging just 6.5 points per game, but what we can all see is that his leadership, his drive, and his passion are what make this Nets team go each night. Whether it's a blowout loss or a blowout win, Garnett still plays with tremendous amounts of intensity, as if he's in "never give up" mode at all times. Even if he's on the bench, KG is the first one up to cheer on his teammates and produce energy from the bench, which sparks energy on the court

Here's the full interview with Alan Anderson:

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