Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolution: Tyshawn Taylor

Brooklyn Nets' Tyshawn Taylor during a game against the Celtics
Ned Dishman/Getty Images
Tyshawn Taylor hasn't exactly played much nor has he played spectacular. His scoring has improved, as he's already hit his scoring total from last year (85 points on the season) in just 19 games. The problem is more of how he's getting them.

Taylor has been given more playing time than Nets fans may have liked but its come as a result of Deron going down for a few games as well as a couple of blowout losses. Taylor has been given 13.3 minutes a game on average and he hasn't quite turned that into productive basketball. In those minutes, he's averaging a poor 34.5% from the field (worse than last season's 36.8%) and a ridiculously low 25% from beyond the arc. While the sample size is small given his time frame, he isn't exactly showing positive results.

The only thing that Taylor has improved on is his free throw percentage, which isn't too hard to do when last year he converted on just 55.6% of his attempts.

But when your PER is just a 6.0, you know there is a problem.

A 0.67 PPP (points per possession) on offense, a 0.42 PPP in isolation plays (15% of the time) and 0.6 PPP on P&R Ball Handler situations are definitely not going to earn you more minutes.

And don't forget his 1.5 turnovers per game. In 13 minutes.

Those are the troubles on the offensive end. Defense doesn't get much better.

Defense is a bit harder to measure but watching him you can tell his energetic defense doesn't quite get it done.

He's averaging a decent 0.6 steals a game but he's giving up more points per possession that he should.
He has a defensive rating of 111 (the lower the better) and is giving up 1.09 points per possession. In comparison, Shaun Livingston allows just 0.86 PPP and Deron Williams allows 0.79.

For Tyshawn Taylor, there's a lot for him to work on. Offense and defense alike, the only reason he's getting minutes at this point is because Deron went down or the team is getting blown out.

New Year's Resolution: Go back to the fundamentals, work on your efficiency and improve your defensive.

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