Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolution: Kevin Garnett

Photo credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
When Kevin Garnett was brought over to Brooklyn to serve as a key piece to a potential championship team, nobody expected in a million years to get the Kevin Garnett we have seen to start the 2013-14 season.

What's going on with KG? It was imagined that he would be the leader of this "stacked" Nets team, but we haven't seen much of an on-the-court leadership from him, or anyone else for that matter. He is no longer the "Big Ticket." His numbers have taken a plunge across the board. It's no small plunge, either. With the Celtics last season, Garnett was still averaging 15 points and eight rebounds while shooting 50% from the floor. So far this season, he's averaging a minuscule 6.6 points per game on an embarrassing 37.3% from the field.

Now to talk about his big issue. Is it because he's "old" and "washed-up"? I don't think so. Just by looking at him, he's moving well and getting his shots. They simply just aren't falling for him. Garnett's issue so far is that he's setting for far too many jump shots. We all know that's an important part of his game, but it simply isn't working right now. He needs to start trying to find his way closer to the basket. At his age, it will be tougher for him to battle with opposing centers down low now that Brook Lopez isn't there to do it. Once he gets himself going from the post and he starts seeing shots fall, this should do wonders for his confidence.

Lack of confidence isn't something Kevin Garnett is known for. Every basketball player has moments when they just can't figure out how to play productive offensive basketball. It just so happens that this is happening to Garnett in the year that he and Pierce were supposed to potentially make their last championship run together. It's not that Garnett has stated that he doesn't have confidence in his shot. Body language says a lot about a players' confidence, and Garnett's just doesn't look good right now.

One good thing I can say about Garnett this season is that, though he has lost a step, he is still one of the best help defenders in the league. Brooklyn is a bad defensive team. Sorry, they're a terrible defensive team. When guys on opposing teams are having their way with the slower wing defenders, Garnett is always the first one to step up and help. That may be the only thing that hasn't regressed for Garnett this year.

Let's also add this: Kevin Garnett is still an intense basketball player. We saw that against the Knicks when... Just watch:

Kevin Garnett's New Year's Resolution:

Alright, Kevin. It's time to show the league that you have gas left in the tank. All you need to do is find your confidence in any way possible, stay on the court, and do what KG does. I think Garnett still has enough left to help Brooklyn get into the playoffs. With Brook out, he's going to need to step up big time and be the leader that the Nets thought they were getting when they sent their future to Boston.

Let's face it: Garnett isn't going to score 20 a night and grab 15 rebounds. All he needs to do to be a productive part of this team is put up 13 points, grab eight rebounds, and shoot at least 45% from the field. This isn't a tall task for a tall fella. This is something KG can do with ease.

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  1. Totally I agree, Kg still can at high level in the league, he needs found his confidence, he is a warrior and his game will back.


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